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Autumn/Winter Wishlist

September 13, 2013
I don’t know about you, but I love the transition from Summer to Autumn. Edinburgh is a very pretty place all year, but when the trees start to turn and everyone dons their wooly hats, it’s a really lovely place to be. Winter will forever be my favourite season (I’ve been turned into a Christmas lover in the past few years!) but I have a soft spot for Autumn for sure.

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Fashion Wishlists

Primarni/Pradamart: Primark’s New Collection!

June 19, 2012
After reading a plethora of blogposts about LOOK’s exclusive Primark collection preview I decided to have a donder through, and boy was I pleased!
Here’s a few pieces I picked out that I will be looking for in my Primark as soon as money comes my way:



I’m really liking the floral boots, they remind me of Jeffery Campbel’s Litas without the wooden heel, almost. They’ll be the closed I’ll ever get to Litas anyway!
I’ve really been into Primark since we got one in Edinburgh. I pretty much only shop in charity shops and Primark now. I’ll never say no to a bargain!  I’m glad their new collection looks just as good as their last. I can see right where my next paycheck is going!
Do you think Primark has become one of the better places to shop recently? I think they’re bang on trend for the most part!

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