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Wedding wear dilemma! (and a sorry!)

April 21, 2012

First off I want to appologise to my lovely followers (There’s 34 of you on GFC now and a few more on bloglovin! You have no idea just how unreal I find that. I love you guys already<3). BUT YES, I’m sorry for not being around a lot recently, I’m in my last two weeks of uni at the moment so I’m trying to get my projects finished and study for my exam. Plus Liam had two of his friends down for a week so I’ve been looking after a bunch of boys for a while! Once it turns mid-may I’ll be on a lot more often, yaay.

Anyway, on to my issue. I’m going to a wedding the first weekend of May. I choose my dress (after hours of surfing on the internet then giving up only to walk into H&M to fall in love). My issue is shoes. It’s a long dress as you can see in the picture below, so I suppose I can get away with most shoes, but the dress is pretty darn sheer so I don’t know.

These are the kind of styles I’ve been considering;

(These are all just photographs I found on google images or tumblr, because I can’t buy shoes without trying them on due to my funny shaped feet)

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Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish sample free with Red!

April 10, 2012
Just thought I would do a quick post letting you know that in this months Red magazine you get a 30ml sample of Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish (and muslin cloth)! The magazine cost me Β£3.90 but the sample is apparently worth Β£5.50. Not bad! I’ve been wanting to try it for a while but I’ve just never gotten around to getting myself some, so I’m glad I have the chance. My skin has been terrible the last week or so, so I’m up for trying anything to get it lovely again.
Review to follow!
Anyone used this before? Love it/hate it?